My name is Clara Suchy. I am a freelance multHASN3311i-media journalist based between Berlin and Beirut. I was born in Germany, but grew up in a number of places including Brussels, Kazakhstan, Nepal and for the most part on the west coast of Canada. I now call Berlin and Beirut home and trying to split my time between the two vibrant, pulsating cities. Aside from finding and writing in-depth and critical journalism, I spend my time fighting way through the frustration of learning Arabic, something that I have realized will be a lifelong project. Sundays in Berlin with a good book, a relaxing afternoon basking in the sunshine of Mount Lebanon, and jumping on my bike to explore new corners of new cities are some of the things I enjoy doing most.

I write about culture, society, politics and focus on feminism, health, technology and international politics. I have produced a podcast, worked on documentary films, and reported for print and online news publications. While I love all mediums, radio and audio have a special place in my heart.

Feel free to get in touch with commissions or collaboration ideas, or even if you are a fellow journalist who wants to exchange some ideas.